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Do I Really Need Accident Insurance to Cover My Expenses?

No one likes to think they will suffer a serious accident that prevents them from working. The facts are, however, that over one million Americans suffer a serious fall-related injury every year, most of which happen in or around their homes. Still others experience accidents related to burns, unintentional poisoning, guns, sports mishaps and other… Read more »

Contain Healthcare Costs with Medical Stop Loss Insurance

As healthcare costs continue to spiral, single- and multi-employer Taft-Hartley plan sponsors, and self-insured plans, which cover 50% of the nation’s insured workers, are taking strong measures to contain their costs. Did you know that just one employee’s catastrophic illness could potentially wipe out an organization’s entire medical reserve? If that happens, the plan sponsor… Read more »

Term Insurance Vs Whole Life Insurance

Need Advice Comparing Term vs. Whole Life Insurance? According to LIMRA’s Insurance Barometer 2018, 59% of Americans own life insurance and 90% believe a family’s primary wage earner needs life insurance. A more recent survey by LendEDU uncovered similar findings and some others. LendEDU found that: 54% of those surveyed have life insurance, 83% believe… Read more »

What Is Whole Life Insurance

What is Whole Life Insurance and How Does It Work? Most people recognize the value of life insurance for providing vital financial protection. Many don’t, however, understand the different types of insurance. Whole life insurance can be particularly confusing for people. So, what is whole life insurance and how does it work? What is the… Read more »

Employee Participation in Voluntary Insurance Benefit Increasing

A recent survey reported in the State of Employee Benefits 2017 Regional Edition concludes that voluntary insurance is a huge hit with employees. The survey revealed that employee participation in voluntary insurance programs has increased in regions nationwide with some variation among the regions as follows: Northeast participation increased by 59% South participation increased by… Read more »